TV Tuesday: Marathon TV Watching

Hope everyone who was celebrating had a safe Memorial Day weekend!! Hopefully you got an extra day for your weekend!! Now on to this week’s questions! Be kind, it’s my first week solo!:)

1. In the US many stations run “marathons” all day on Monday, many stations have also gone to running all weekend marathons of old sitcoms. So question number one is: Did you watch any of the marathons running this year? In part? In whole?
The only marathon I caught any of was a couple episodes of Cheers on the TV-Land 48 Hours of Cheers marathon Saturday and Sunday. Cheers is just one of those shows that is deceptive–kind of like eating potato chips, you can’t eat just one!

2. Is there a show you’d like to see run an all day marathon? On the flipside is there a show you’d avoid in marathon?
Well, I’d say original Star Trek, but they do that one all the time on Sci-Fi. Actually, back for the 25th anniversary of the show, they ran the top 10 selected by the fans. I’d enjoy seeing something like that done again. For shows that haven’t be on in marathon form lately, I’d really enjoy a marathon of some of the shorter lived shows from the past few years that I enjoyed–like Andy Richter Controls the Universe or The Tick. Another show I enjoyed watching growing up was Benson and I’d enjoy a chance to see it again, though I bet it’s not nearly as good as my memory says it is. As for a show, I’d avoid, I have to go with The A Team. One episode is about enough for me…and really that is almost too much. Never saw the appeal of it.>

3. Is there a show/movie/program that brings back special memories for you and what is it?
I have fond memories of watching Benson with my dad (Mom was out at choir and he and I watched it together). Also, we’d watch such things as Battlestar Galatica and Buck Rogers together (in fact, we knew the brother of the guy who played Buck…ah yes, my claim to fame!) Also, classic Star Trek. My dad and I used to watch repeats of it together and some of my favorite ones to this day are the ones he and I enjoyed watching together.

~Bonus~ What show featuring those who protect your country (fiction or non-fiction) is your favorite?
I am sure I won’t be the only one to say this, but MASH.

~Bonus #2~ Out of curiosity, what’s the longest you’ve ever watched TV in one stretch?!
Do football Saturdays in the fall count? Because I can watch TV for hours at a time when football games are on. I’d have to say the longest would be about 8-9 solid hours.

See you next week! Same time! Same channel!!

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