>Congratulations to Barry at the Inn of the Last Home! Barry got quoted in this article in Sunday’s Knoxville News-Sentinel talking about the lack of interest for Bill Clinton’s memoirs in Knoxville. If you’re interested, the original blog entery is here. (Note: To read the News-Sentinel article, you will be required to register, but on the good side, it’s free!)

Of course, now that Barry’s been quoted and is famous, I wonder how long it will before people are quoting the Big Orange Michael blog. Then I actually read what I’ve written about and I doubt that many major news outlets will be lining up for my obsessive thoughts about Spider-Man 2 or any of the other totally random thoughts I have here, but you never know! (By the way, in case you were wondering–two more days to Spider-Man 2!!) I’m also glad to see that Barry acknowledged my request for the link to the article in the paper. I figured after Friday when I stated that I was more excited about the Firefly movie, Serenity, than I was about the next Star Wars movie, that he’d no longer be acknowledging me.

Lincoln Park Zoo Apes Get to Take Revenge

When I first saw this headline, my first thought was of the apes actually taking over the zoo and running amok–kind of scene from some type of apes-disaster movie (is there such a thing? Besides King Kong, obviously.) This was also of interest in the light of this story that I discussed last Monday with the gorilla escaping from his enclosure at a zoo in Texas. After reading the story and seeing that the apes can take revenge upon people who agitate them by spraying a puff of air on them, I have to admit it was amusing. Well, except maybe to people who wear contacts who might lose the contact in the puff of air.

City locks down Internet use

If you know anyone who works for the city of Murfeesboro and are wondering why they haven’t updated their blog or answered their e-mail, this story tells you why. In reading the story, I found it interesting that two people were able to ruin the fun for the rest of the city employees by sending “sexually explicit e-mails” to one another. It also should re-inforce another good lesson of the Net–be careful what you say in an e-mail becuase it is never as private as you might hope.

Fireworks stands gear up

You can’t throw a rock in Rutherford County right now without hitting a fireworks stand! Seeing all these stands remind me of a good friend from high school who used to work at the fireworks stand every summer. He made pretty good money, but he had to work extremely long hours and he did tell me that when it was slow it could get really boring.

Local triathlete rizzo makes big splash at San Francisco event

This article and another in Friday’s paper about a running back in the East/West Shrine game who ran for something like 6 TDs in the state championship game for his small home town, but couldn’t get a look or a scholarship from any schools got me thinking. It was mainly due to his size (I think he was only 180 and not a big runner), but he was planning to walk-on and see if he could earn a spot on a team at MTSU. Seeing these stories reminded me of something I miss from old job at sports editor down in Loudon County–mainly, that I miss getting the chance to discover these stories about people in the community working hard and doing these positive things and getting to tell others about it through my writings.

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