Volunteer Tailgate Party

Welcome to this month’s Volunteer Tailgate Party! Pull up a chair, grab a frosty cool beverage and check out the best and the brightest from the past couple of weeks in the Rocky Top Brigade!

All men are equal, up to the point of exertion,” says the Conservative Zone. This statement is backed up by a study on the Power of Optimism, detailed here.

Think Dick Cheney is a hot-head for dropping the f-bomb on the Senate floor? Janet Dagley Dagley tells us this is nothing new with a three-part report on the re-enactment of the famous duel between Alexander Hamilton and, then VP, Aaron Burr. You can read part one part two and part threeat The Dagley Dagley Daily Diary.

The Countertop Chronicles offers a four-part look at the Virginia Open Container laws. Part one, Part Two, Part Three and Part Four. Also, Countertop takes a moment to look at which issues are important to him in the upcoming election.

Douglas McDaniel details a letter from God to George W. Bush. In another entry, for The American Street, he examines how democracy defeated Mike Ditka. (Which it’s really too bad that Ditka didn’t run–I was looking forward to the revival of “Da Bears!” guys on SNL!)

On July 22, 2003, Hurricane Elvis, a sudden storm with 100-mile-per-hour winds struck Memphis. Half-Bakered details his experience before, during and after the storm and talks about how many of us never heard about how “major metropolis was wrecked, swept from the map.”

The Baculum King examines how U.S. Government officials might try to disrupt the upcoming elections with an attack in October in his blog. After reading that report, if you need to relax a bit, try looking at this picture of calm, ocean ripples.

With the selection of John Edwards as a running mate for Kerry is Tennessee in play as a battleground state? South Knox Bubba examines the current and historical evidence about what each side will need to do to win the Volunteer State.

South End Grounds looks at attempts to disprupt the Republican National Convention by the “Ruckus Society.”

The Volunteer State recently changed the requirements to get a Tennessee driver’s license. Damn Foreigner looks at the changes and tells us why he’s glad he doesn’t have to try and get a license under the new regulations.

Bill Clinton’s My Life hit stores this month in the U.S. In China, it’s not scheduled for release until September, but that hasn’t stopped black market copies from appearning. However, these copies have some differences in them, as detailed here by Voluntarily in China.

Say Uncle checks in with two entries for the tailgate party. First up, is an article about the Bush administration and their mixed signals of gun control. He then follows-up with a response to the position he takes.

How did Nancy Reagan make it through Ron’s funeral? The World of Longmire offers up a possible explanation.

Hatmaran has to make a difficult choice about allowing the cats access to the bedroom.

Want to protect your privacy but still be able to read on-line articles? No Quarters shares how to avoid registration to read articles on certain web sites.

Who is artist Jack T. Chick? Damn Art Diary tells us more about his religious tract comic art here and how the “art world” doesn’t give him a lot of recognition.

Think you know everything there is to know about the hit-movie, The Usual Suspects? The Les Jones Blog details continuity gaffes from the film.

Sugarfused tells us of a little situation at work where several employees wanted to turn the workplace into a tent revival and how she dealt with it. The proud grandmother also shares the latest image of her soon-to-be-granddaughter. “I think she’s even smiling for the camera!” she told me in her submission! Congratulations!

Straight White Guy tells us about being a musician, his Fender guitar and his favorite song, Thrasher.

Paisley Dreams goes back to childhood and tells us about her version of Cars Are Monsters.

Missives Anonymous posts before and after pictures and details of her new haircut and how she donated her locks to the Locks of Love.

The Wandering Hillbilly finally comes out and picks his
“favert sangle malts”.

And last, but not least, your host, Big Orange Michael, tells about winning tickets to the Titans/Colts game in September. A follow-up on the story is here. Also, in honor of the movie Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, I relate the story about a game of slaughterball.

Thanks to everyone who participated and thanks for stopping by to enjoy the tailgate. We’ll see you again soon out on the Net. And let’s not forget, it’s only 47 days until it’s football time in Tennessee!

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