Titans vs Bengals

Holy cow, I went to a Titans game and they won! Woo-hoo! Great game and a lot of fun. OK, so maybe the seats weren’t quite as plum this time as they were when I went to see the Titans play Indy a few weeks ago, but it was still great fun to be in the stadium.

Reflection on the game itself:

  • Give Jeff Fisher a ton of credit for some gutsy play calling. Before the half, he uses a fake punt on fourth one and one to power forward and get a fourth down. Later in the same drive, he goes for it on 4th and inches from the goal line as the half expires to give the Titans a 10-point lead going into the lockerroom. That TD made the difference in the end and was what helped us win the game. You can tell Fisher knew how important this game was to the team’s pysche going into a bye week.
  • Defense played well, especially in throttling the Bengals at times. However, it looked a bit weak in the late stages of the fourth quarter–until the last huge stand.
  • It was funny. The last defense play of the game, Randall (the guy who went to the game with my other ticket) and I were discussing how the Titans needed something huge to happen in order to seal the win and not go to OT. He said we needed an interception and I said, “What I want is for a huge defensive play where we knock down the QB, he drops the ball and we fall on it to win this game.” Suddenly, Albert Hainesworth is doing just that. I tell ya, Fisher needs to call me to coach this team since I got that one call exactly right.
  • First home win of the year and I was there. Awesome.

Now, onto some of the fun of getting to be at the game.

  • I had no clue this would happen. We got there and the boy who’d won the chance to be the Titans kids for the week was my cousin. I had no idea. He ran out, helped ’em toss the coin and ran back in. I’ll bet they gave him better seats than we got.
  • It was Halloween so some people had come to the game in costume. There were the standard witches and ghouls. One young lady who sat in our section and near us came dressed up with cat ears and a sultry outfit that was rather pleasing upon the eyes, if you know what I mean. Let me add that we were sitting near a guy who was loud in his being a bit tipsy. So, after the half, Catwoman is coming back up the steps to her seat and drunken guy sees her and shouts out, “Meow, kitty! Meeeeeeeeeeeeee-owwwwwwwwwww!” This fails to impress her. Because I’m thinking that if this does impress her, I definitely have a chance.
  • Again, it was Halloweeen so the cheerleaders were in costumes.
  • The ref got injured on the second play of the game. Not sure what happened there.
  • In our section were a couple of Bengals fans (I didn’t know they had more than two or three). One guy was there and was dressed up in his Bengals shirt and had on an orange and black spiked wig. Come on’….orange and white spiked wig–cool. Orange and black–yeah, not so much. So, he was cheering and would stand up and be quite vocal whenever the Bengals did anything semi-decent. (He wasn’t so loud when we knocked the stuffing out of Carson Palmer and got an interception). He would pump up the Bengals fans around him and then we’d all respond with our own cheers when the Titans did something great in the game . I will give him this–it was good natured ribbing back and forth and never got ugly.
  • Since we don’t have a “band” they pipe in music during commericals, etc. (You think they seem long on TV!) So, some fans who are more rythmically inclined than I am are dancing during this. In the section with Orange Haired Bengals fan is cute Titans female fan in pink. She is dancing about and suddenly Orange Haired Bengals fan has reached his limit and starts dancing about, trying to pick her up. Hilarity ensues as we note that she’s way out of his league because of the aforementioned orange and black wig. We also agree she’s way out of our league as well.
  • There was a young kid in front of us who found my sarcastic observations amusing. I would say things like, “You can throw an interception any time now, Palmer. Remember you play for the Bengals and its kind of expected of you.” He was there I think with his grandfather and he shared stories of other games he’d attended and about his football team.

All in all, it was great fun. And best of all–the Titans won!

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