>Win #901 proving elusive

>Wondering what that far-off sound is, just over the horizon? It’s the apocolypse coming.

Why, do you ask, is it coming? What makes today any more likely than any other day?

I’ll tell you. The Lady Vols have lost two games in a row. Last night’s loss was to the UK’s women’s team, which I don’t think had won an SEC game this year. The wheels are off the wagon and we’re in a downhill spiral. By this afternoon, I fully expect the same idiots who called for the firing of Phillip Fulmer and Randy Sanders during football season to be calling for the head of Pat Summit.

Somewhere Gino Aurimmo is gloating. Man, I hate that guy. (He’s written a book and I figured I’d try to read it so maybe I could understand the guy a bit more. I gagged on the intro by Diana Turassi who talked about those of us who hate Gino don’t understand what a great guy he is, yada-yada-yada. We just don’t “get” him. No, I think what she doesn’t “get” is that Gino is an ass and the rest of the world has realized it while those up at UConn have drunk the Kool-Aid and can’t see it).

I’ve heard that sections of I-65 will be close today as Pat makes the team walk back to Knoxville from Rupp Arena.


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