>An open letter to UPN 30

>Dear UPN 30,

If you’re not going to have the decency to air the new episode of Veronica Mars tonight until this weekend, then you could at least appease us by showing the UT vs Vanderbilt basketball game. It seems to me that this game has far more local interest than the Kentucky vs whoever the hell they’re playing but will probably struggle against game this evening.

For future reference, this is how the priority for Wednesday night programming should go on your station:

1. UT sports of any kind. Speical consideration given to in-state rivallry games vs Vanderbilt and/or Memphis.
2. New episodes of Veronica Mars
3. Any other SEC basketball game or event.
4. Test pattern.

I appreciate your attention in this matter. And I thank you for ensuring that I must now avoid every TV web site for the next four days to avoid having this week’s Veronica Mars spoiled…

Big Orange Michael


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