>UT 69, Vanderbilt 62


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First off, I need one a sports coat like the one sported by Bruce “I am a genius” Perl above. I’ve got a lot of orange in my wardrobe, but suddenly I’m wondering if it’s incomplete.

Congratulations to the Tennessee men for defending home court again last night, beating in-state rival Vanderbilt 69-62. Gee would have been nice if we could have seen the game on TV since it was kind of a big game what with UT being in the top 20 and it being a must win for Vandy if they want to have a hope of sniffing the Big Dance in March. But no, thanks UPN 30 for giving us some stupid Kentucky game that was pointless and to FOX SS for giving us the Predators game, so we couldn’t see this great game. (Seriously, Fox SS you’re in the southeast. College basketball ALWAYS take priority over hockey!) Yeah, I hope the ratings are abysmmal for both.

I did get to listen to the game on the radio. It was kind of interesting to flip back and forth between the far superior Vol network coverage (dear heavens, did I just imply that Bob Kesling is somehow superior in any way?!?) and the Vandy’s network coverage. It got kind of interesting in the second half to compare how the game was called.

Kesling: He shoots and he’s fouled. Tennessee goes to the free throw line for the hundred and first time tonight.

Vanderbilt: Tennessee shoots and is fouled….that is so unfair! The refs hate us! We are not getting any calls. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! We should be allowed to take a million free throws because…well, just because. Waaaaaaaaaah, waaaaaaaaaaaaaah, waaaaaaaaaaaah!

Yeah, cause Vandy never gets any home cooking on foul calls in Memorial Gym.

Anyway, the Vols won, holding serve at home and continuing the magical season. You know, as a Tennessee basketball fan, I keep waiting for the bubble to burst because Tennessee has done this to me before (sort of like Vandy having that four game winning streak in football this year…. But yet, every time I watch or listen, I get more and more convinced that this could be not only a special year but the start of a special era at Tennessee under Bruce Perl. This team doesn’t have the greatest talent in the world, but they play as a team and to their strengths. They are discplined and work hard and it shows in the results.

Note to Phil Fulmer: Maybe you should ask Perl for some advice on how to craft a winning program and work with what ya got.


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