>The magical season rolls on…

>Congratulations to Bruce Pearl, Chris Lofton and the rest of the Tennessee basketball team for a big win last night over the Kentucky Wildcats in Rupp Arena.

In a big, nationally televised game that the Vols should have won, they did. They showed the country what the new era of UT basketball is all about–discipline, hard work and playing as a team. As I’ve said before, the football team could take some notes here and maybe consider putting those factors into the equation come September.

One thing I love this year is how even when things appear to be shifting toward our opponent, the Vols never lose confidence and you never feel like they’re out of a game. I’m not going to make any bold predictions on where we might land come tournament time or how far we’ll go. I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the ride, taking pride in the UT men’s basketball team.

And you gotta love Pearl’s marketing strategy off the court. I love the attitude he has of–let’s go and make Georgia a home game for UT with buses of fans from Knoxville and encouraging fans from Chattanooga and Atlanta to snap up the extra tickets. I love it–if UGA doesn’t care about their team, might as well have the Tennessee faithful there. Bruce–you are the man!

I don’t know what they’re paying Bruce Pearl, but he’s worth every dime.

He’s not only made Tennessee better, but he’s making the SEC better as a conference. I know it’s hard to make the best conference in everything better, but he’s raised the level for the better….


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