>It’s THAT day…

>Well, it’s Valentine’s Day–or as we single people call it, yet another reminder that we’ll die old and alone, watching our Star Trek and Doctor Who DVDs over and over again, muttering how much no one really understands us…oh wait, that’s just me.

Anyway, it’s hard to not be bitter when you’re a single person on this day that, for the most part, celebrates romantic love. I could be bitter and tell the story about how a few years ago, in a Sunday School class, a female friend complained vitriolically about the lack of a date for the big day and she just wanted to go out for dinner on the big day and not feel lonely. So, stupid me, I approached her, asked her out for dinner on the day as friends and was told she’d get back to me. I did re-approach her a few times and was given the same answer until her friend clued me that said female was waiting on a call from one particular guy and that I had basically no chance, so stop asking.

But luckily, I’m not feeling bitter nor in the mood to share that story.

I find it kind of ironic that I won a prize in the Ms. Cheap’s Valentine’s Day contest since my celebration of the big day will involve working, then swiming laps and then watching the latest episode of Gilmore Girls and The Shield tonight.

But I am trying to let the people in my life who I care about know that I care about them on this day–and hopefully the other 364 days of the year as well. I will be helping my sister and her husband have a quiet evening out when I babysit the niece and nephew free of charge (hey, it’s a chance to spend quality time with them and continue my quest to make them both Dr Who fans) and I was fortunate to win the gift card so I could let my parents have a nice evening out as well. And sure I’m not in a romantic relationship right now, but I am blessed to have a great family who loves me and a lot of good friends who I care about and who care about me.

And looking on the bright side–I’ve got 364 more days to find a potential date for V Day next year. I’ll look into that right after The Shield this evening….


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