>Anyone watching the Winter Games?

>It’s not news, but it seems that the Winter Olympics haven’t quite been the ratings juggernaut that NBC was hoping for. Looks like some of the networks aren’t running scared and are actually counterprogramming the games with new episodes of popular shows such as ratings juggernaut American Idol.

So are people tuning in because there are other, interesting shows on? Or they not tuning in because of the time delay? Or are they not turning in because the games are “dull”? Or is it that there are just no compelling storylines from this year’s winter games? Or is it a combination of things?

Yes but would it make anyone tune in? Posted by Picasa

I must admit I haven’t tuned in for much, if any of the winter games. I realize that a lot of the events take a lot of skill and athletic prowess, but they just don’t interest me that much. And I still defy anyone to tell me how curling is a sport. Seriously, it’s shuffleboard on ice.

I do wonder if the winter games would be more compelling if I were there, in person, watching the games unfold. Or if I’d be more interested if it were live and I hadn’t already heard the results in various news broadcasts and on-line.

So, let me ask–is anyone out there watching the winter Olympics?


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