>How about the Vols?!?


One of the many heroes for Tennessee, Dane Bradshaw

The screaming you heard last night as Dane Bradshaw stole the ball and drove the lane to score the winning basket for Tennessee over the evil empire that is Florida was me. How exciting was that?!? Two games vs Florida this year, two games decided by four points, two games in which Dane Bradshaw scores the winning bucket. The UT men’s team bounced back from a loss to Alabama Saturday with a team effort and took care of business against a top fifteen team. I love it that we swept the Gators, clenched a share of the SEC East and have won a first-round buy in the SEC Tournament. Love it! Bruce Pearl–you are the man! This may be one of the greatest wins EVER by Tennessee and it was a huge team effort, as usual. I don’t care how much $$$$ it takes, Mike Hamilton–pay Bruce Pearl every penny of it to keep him in the Volunteer State. Do not let him get away to one of those openings that so many of the Nashville media speculate are interested.

Is the team overachieving? Probably. But I’d rather have a team that overachieves than one that underachieves and tanks in every big game they have (::cough::cough::Vanderbilt::cough::cough::). I will admit, part of me secretly wanted Vandy to win last night becuase it helps UT win the SEC crown outright and I’d love to have the Vandy win a few games, get some hope up and see the mighty Vols come in and crush their tournament hopes once and for all a week from Saturday.

But one thing I won’t do–take a season sweep of Florida for granted. We’ve swept three of the five opponents in the SEC East. How awesome would it be that we could sweep every team in the East this year? It could happen. I’d love to see it.

GO BIG ORANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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