>Do MPAA rating matter any more?

>I rented Doom this weekend (it was a free rental and I felt the need for some mindless killin’ and cussin’)

I was able to rent the super deluxe un-rated version that had more death, destruction and mayhem that I could have seen in theaters.

Seem that whole un-rated edition n DVD is quite the rage these days.

Now, I could be wrong, but didn’t the MPAA create ratings to help parents and keep kids from seeing certain things? So my question is–if a movie comes out in theaters as PG-13 or R but is then released in the unrated DVD version, what’s the point of the rating? I mean, let’s face it–most kids can probably rent the unrated version and see more carnage, nudity, dirty jokes or hear more cussin’ in the confines of their own home. Does that make it better or worse?

Also, when Hollywood looks around and wonders why we’re not lining up to see movies intheaters, could this be a reason? I wait two months and I can see the unexpigated version at home for less at my convience. Why plunk down eight bucks to see a comprimised vision or a shortened version?

And not every movie is worth an unrated or extended edition.

Did we really get any more laughs from the extended Wedding Crashers or 40 Year Old Virgin? Did we need more slaughter and mayhem in Doom? Did we need a dirtier Dukes of Hazard?

Probably not so much.

But on the other hand, there arent many who’d argue that the four-disc editons of the Lord of the Rings trilogy aren’t just masterfully done and worth the extra edition.


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