>Yahoo! Maps, You Lied to Me Again!

>I’ve got to learn to stop trusting Yahoo Maps to give me good directions to go, well, anywhere.

In my quest to find a church home, I decided to visit one in the fair city of Murfreesboro. I looked at their web site and found out what time worship took place and some other various information about the church. I also found their street address.

Now here’s part of the problem (as anyone who has ever asked me for directions can attest to). I can know how to get somewhere but I am just clueless when it comes to street names. So part of the problem was that the road the church is on was familiar but I couldn’t place exactly where it was. Hence why I figured to use Yahoo maps. I figured it would make life easier.

Not forgetting that a lot of the times, the directions provided by Yahoo maps have no correlation to an actual route you could or should follow to get somewhere.

So, I left home early and started driving. And soon realized Yahoo maps had once again sent me well off the beaten path to….well, I’m not sure where I was going, but I’m pretty sure I passed Bugs Bunny staring at a map and muttering something about a wrong turn. Eventually, I figured I was never going to get where I need to go since I was seeing signs welcoming me to Vermont and I turned back.

I did find the church–using my handy dandy map book and going–oh, I know that road! It’s the road the Y is on in Murfreesboro!

Yahoo! maps, you’ve lied to me for the last time. I’m breaking up with you and will now be seeing MapQuest.


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