>Wait…how is Bruce Pearl NOT coach of the year?!?

>I’d love for some of these SEC coaches who voted for the LSU guy as coach of the year to come out and explain their logic–or complete lack thereof–to me!

Bruce Pearl took a team that was expected to do next to nothing this year and elevated the program and the league to new heights. In a year in which Kentucky is down and other teams (::cough::cough::Vanderbilt::cough::cough) underachieved, Pearl brought some excitement, drama and positive national attention to the SEC. He took a bunch of random guys and molded them into a team–one that bought into his system and style of play. He made them more atheletic and competive. He brought out fans not only in Knoxville, but also around the league as gyms sold out to see their team take on a top 10 (at the time) team.

Pearl is coach of the year. The SEC coaches got it wrong.

Of course, I think part of it is they’re all a bit jealous. They can’t handle that Pearl is the future of the SEC in basketball and they’re afraid of the long term success he could and will build at Tennessee. The league is used to losing to the Vols in football and women’s basketball….look like y’all better get used to losing in men’s basketball. Cause we ain’t going nowhere!


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