>Time for the Big Dance


The Volunteer cheerleaders from last week’s SEC tournament game

The NCAA Tournament begins today. The men’s team makes their first appearance in the Big Dance in quite a while around 1:40 p.m. CST. I have to admit, I am pretty excited to see the Vols in the Big Dance, though there’s part of me that is trying to not get too excited. I had some big expectations that Tennessee would, oh I don’t know, win a game in the SEC Tournament last week and we all see how that worked out. That said, I could see Tennessee making it to the Sweet 16.

It’s interesting the reaction to both Tennessee squads being number two seeds in their respective tournaments. The reaction for the men’s team–That’s pretty cool. The reaction for the women’s team–what the hell?!? How did Ohio State get to be a one seed when they haven’t played anyone?!? (All insults to Ohio State fully intended…)

Anyway, it’s now time to put up or shut up for both teams. I can see both teams getting to the Sweet 16. The big difference–if the men make it, that’s gravy on what has been a season beyond expectations. If the Lady Vols don’t advance beyond that, it’s a disappointment.

In either case, all I have to say is…

GO BIG ORANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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