>My secret plan…exposed!

>A couple of months ago, I visited a church (still am attending there by the way) that is trying to start up a ministry for single adults. By asking questions about the group at the local church, I found out about an interdemoninational ministry that is going on in Murfreesboro that has events for single adults. Right now, they’ve got a monthly game night and there are plans on the horizon for a dance night and picnic. There was a potluck for Easter for those who couldn’t travel or were close enough to family to share Easter dinner with, which I thought was very nice.

My first game night was back in March. They generally take place on the first Friday of every month for a couple of hours. Childcare is provided and you’re asked to bring a favorite game if you want and your price of admission is a snack food or a 2-liter drink. (Though I bet if you showed up without food or drink, you’d not be turned away).

As I said, I went to my first one in March and had a great time. I planned to go to the event in April, but it was called off at the last second. It was the Friday of the severe weather and tornadoes in the area. So, this week was my second game night and I have to admit I was looking forward to it.

Before I headed down to the ‘Boro, I stopped by home for a bite of supper, to pick up my 2-liter of soda and to put on more comfortable clothes. While eating dinner, I flipped over and watched Seinfeld, which ironically was the classic episode “The Opposite.” For those of you who don’t know titles, it’s the one where George decides every instict he’s ever had is wrong and starts to do the opposite. His life then takes off so to speak. He gets the girl, gets a job with the New York Yankees and life, in general, starts looking up for Mr. Constanza. Now, it’s interesting that this particular episode was on because it’s one of my favorites and it’s one that seems to be on a lot when I just randomly tune in. As I was watching it, I couldn’t help but wonder if someone was trying to tell me something…was there a deeper message and meaning in the fact that this episode kept cropping up in my life.

So, anyway, after my meal and a quick brushing of the teeth, I headed out for game night. Thankfully my plan to not be the first person there worked. I would say I arrived in the middle of the pack.

When I got there, I sort of surveyed the room. There were a bunch of tables set up, each with a different game. Last time out, I played some complicated game that we never quite figured out the rules for and then switched to Pictionary. So, this time I wanted to avoid the complicated game and wasn’t in the mood for Pictionary. Last time out, the spoons table was pretty rocking, though I wasn’t set on playing spoons. I started up a conversation with a couple of guys who wandered in the same time I did and we chatted back and forth. We sat down to chat and were talking when an older woman came up to us.

“So guys, I know why you’re here,” she said. “And if you sit here at this table with just a bunch of guys all night, you won’t meet anyone new. You nice young men whould mingle and I’m going to keep my eye on you to make sure you do.”

Now, let me say she said this in a gentle teasing, fun-loving way. So I went along with the joke and thanked her and told her I’d make sure to mingle.

Luckily, we had an ice breaker game (or as Barry and I would know them Theta games) that helped mingle a bit. After the ice breaker, I wandered around, mingled and ended up playing a couple of games of Password and then a round of Clue. I hadn’t played Clue in years and I’d forgotten, well, most of the rules. And yet, I still managed to pull off a victory in the game, though I kept overthinking it and confusing myself. In the end, it was Mrs. White in the Conservatory with a rope. Justice has once again been served.


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