>Some random TV tidbits


  • Michael and Walt are gone from the show. The actor who plays Michael said that the episode didn’t make it entirely clear, but that his character and Walt have escaped from the island. With Walt, I can see why this would be since the actor is growing up. And if you’re going to write out Walt, would there be a good character arc left for Michael? And this getting to leave does sort of play into my theory that the island gives people what they want or need–in this case, it’s Michael being a father to Walt.
  • Man, Charles Dickens is having a good year being mentioned on TV show. First he was in series one of Doctor Who, with the Doctor professing his admiration for all of Charles’ works and then in Lost, we’ve get Desmond not reading Our Mutual Friend. I looked at the library at the book and was intrigued to find out it was the last book Dickens wrote. Knowing that explains why Desmond was waiting to read until the end of his days. I’m almost intrigued enough to read it and see if the writers of Lost have any allusions or references to this particular Dickens novel.


  • Contrary to what we’d hoped, season six will NOT start off in China. Producer Howard Gordon said it would take most of the day for Jack to fly back to L.A. And it looks like the season will not take place in China. So, how do they get Jack out of that cliffhanger? I guess we wait until January to find out.
  • Interesting to also note that an original draft of the season finale had Logan getting away with his crimes from day five. And now the question becomes–would that have been as satisfying an ending? Would it have been one too many dark threads to end the season on? Is part of the fun of 24 seeing the bad guys get their just rewards for their evil deeds?

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