>What are they thinking?!?


I swear it’s one step foward, 12-steps back with the SciFi Channel. Last month they slapped up repeats of Law and Order: SVU on a Thursday evening and now there’s the news that they’re gonna start showing Wrasslin’ this week.

Here’s what network exec Bonnie Hammer had to say about it:

“Research tells us that there’s a healthy appetite for wrestling among Sci Fi viewers,” says Bonnie Hammer, president of Sci Fi and the USA Network, which airs “WWE Raw” to strong ratings. “With ECW, we’re able to deliver to those fans unique action with a twist that’s perfect for Sci Fi.

I’d love to know where Ms. Hammer is getting this demographic info that tells her there is a healthy appetite for wrasslin’ on SciFi. Cause I ain’t really seein’ it, despite this “unique action with a twist.”

Here’s a notion for you: If you want to keep increasing viewership, don’t put wrasslin’ on your channel. I won’t get into my feelings on wrasslin’ but I think it has a time and a place–and that time and place is not on SciFi. I’d rather see endless repeats of Mansquito or some of those other new wave b-movies you show on Saturday nights. Or maybe bring back some repeats of MST3K from when you had it. Or Farscape repeats. Or old episodes of Doctor Who. Or even series 2 of Doctor Who. Or maybe showcase some of those classic shows that come out on DVD and we crazy fans all snap up cause we want to see them again or share them with the next generation of fans.

My biggest fear is that it will cost a lot less to put on wrasslin’ on SciFi, thus leading them to cancel or trim back original programming since that costs more and gets less return on the investment. Sure, I could be the “glass is half full” guy and say–well, yes but the extra revenue could be spent on the shows they’ve got, but then again this is SciFi that balked at the price tag of Doctor Who when it was first offered and before it was a huge hit in the UK and cancelled Farscape a season early due to the mounting price tag for that show as well.

I fear this move does not bode well for SciFi. Both the channel and the genre


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