>While many of my fellow middle Tennessee bloggers were at the big blogger party thrown by WKRN last night, enjoying free drinks, some big news and (I’m sure) intelligent, witty conversation, I was babysitting my neice and nephew. And a good time was had by all for the first few hours. Uncle Michael showed up with nuggets from Wendy’s (the filet mignon of chicken nuggets) which were a big hit, then allowed the duo to have fruit snacks. Then several hours were taken up playing with GeoTrax, which don’t tell anyone but Uncle Michael loves playing with (probably even more than the neice and nephew do).

Things were going well until it got to be close to bedtime. Bedtime went fairly well for the first few minutes. Davis went to bed with his usual protest of “I’m not tired” as he pulls the blankets up over him, snuggles his head onto the pillow and cuddles up with his stuffed animal he sleeps with. Then it came time to get Gracelyn into bed, which depending on her mood can be a smooth process or complete battle of wills. And silly me, I was enjoying that, for the most part, it was a smooth process last night….until Mommy called to see how bedtime was going.

And it was all downhill from there. Gracelyn launched into a full-blown meltdown tantrum and Davis woke up, convinced he’d heard fireworks. Seem the revellers from the 4th of July had bought so many they couldn’t just shoot them all off on the fourth and had extended this fun to the 5th and 6th…which all I can say is–you are utter, utter bastards. If you can’t shoot off your damn fireworks all on the fourth, then you’ve bought too damn many. The usually calm and take life as it comes Davis had a complete crisis–full-blown panic for which nothing would calm him down except having Uncle Michael there. So, I had to take pick him and hold him until he fell asleep, which only annoyed Gracelyn that much more since (and those of you with siblings will know this) Davis was getting attention and she wasn’t! Heaven forbid!

She finally gave-up on having her fit after about twenty or so minutes and Davis eventually fell asleep enough so I could put him back in his bed. Then Uncle Michael went and sat, just enjoying the sounds of silence. I am thinking today that Simon and Garfunkle wrote that song right after having two kids under the age of five have a total meltdown….

So, I’m sorry I missed the party. From looking at what other bloggers are saying, it sounds like I missed a great time. But you know, I’m not sure I’d trade the nugget-time and playing with GeoTrax with my neice and nephew for it. If only I could clone myself and be in two places at once…of course, then I’d have to feed the clone, which may not be especially cost effective in the long run.

UPDATE: So, Davis’s first words this morning were “Where’s Uncle Michael?” Best…nephew…EVER!


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