>Pirates 2 makes a boatload of money *

>Apparently I was one of three people in America who didn’t go and see Pirates 2 this weekend, judging by the huge box-office take of the film.

So, I guess for now the summer movie season is “saved.” Expect a bleak outlook next week if the box-office take drops off significantly.

Can I be honest here and not have y’all hate me?

I honestly have little or no interest in Pirates 2. The first one was a fine movie but I was never nearly as in love with it, let’s-pick-out-China-patterns as many people I know. And I just can’t muster up the enthusiasm for a sequel that many people I know have.

Does this make me a bad person?

And am I insane to ask the Internet if I’m a bad person?

* Get it–Pirates, boatload….I’ll be here all weeks folks. Don’t forget to tip your servers.


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