>Playing the "what if" game….

>Back in the day, Marvel Comics had this series that asked “What if…” and basically changed one or two assumptions about one of the Marvel Universe’s characters. For example, one I recall was “What if Gwen Stacey hadn’t died?”

It’s fun in the fictional world to ponder and it’s something that a lot of us can carry over to the real world to varying degrees. Sort of like this story my Grandpa used to tell that he was approached by a guy back in the day with this lucrative investment opportunity, but he turned it down because no one would buy Coca-Cola bottled.

But, for me, there’s another side of the coin. Every once in a while, I have one of those–see, that’s what your life could have been like moments. Usually these moments make me take a step back and appreciate that while my life is not perfect, it’s still pretty damn good.

Had one this afternoon.

Sure, my life isn’t perfect, but you know what–it’s pretty damn good…


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