>Some random cute stories

>It’s been a while since I posted some random, cute stories about my neice and nephew. I know that my loyal readers enjoy them and, let’s face it, Uncle Michael loves to brag on his neice and nephew. So, here we go.

  • I took last Monday off from work to have a big four-day weekend. (Yes, you can officially hate me now). As I was lounging around the house, I got a call from my mom asking me if I’d like to take on Opry Mills with her, my sister and the kids. I figured it might be fun so off we went. A good time was had by all, esp. when I got to take Davis on the carosel in the food court. (Gracelyn rode with Grandma). To say he loved it is something of an understatement since as the ride stopped and I said, “OK, we have to get off now,” he threw a fit. “I don’t waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaana get off!” he said, desparately clinging to the horse he was on. Thankfully, Mommy had purchased food while we were riding the carosel so that disappointment was quickly forgotten.
  • Gracelyn and Davis hadn’t seen the inside of my new house since they helped me move in, so they came in to check it out. As I was moving in, Gracelyn was very worried that I had no bed in my bedroom. “Where will you sleep?” she asked. I joked I’d “just hang from the ceiling” and she was pretty concerned about that. So, back to my original story. I’ve got a bookcase in the entry hallway to my house that I’d just finished repainting and was putting some of my large collection of DVDs away on. Davis came in, made a bee-line for the bookshelf and started checking out the DVDs. And what did he pick to look at? Classic Star Trek, season two. That boy has great taste is all I can say.
  • So, Sunday afternoon I was babysitting the kids and we went outside to play. And we now have a new favorite game that is Superman or Supergirl. This game involves one of the two being the one who has superpowers and can fly. The other then wanders over about five steps away and says, “Help, help, Superman!” (Uncle Michael used to watch Lois and Clark…can you tell?) Then Superman or Supergirl flies over (with the help of Uncle Michael), “rescues” the person in distress and flies off. Of course, as he or she flies off, they encounter a random pocket of Kryptonite charged atmosphere and then “crash” (which means Uncle Michael goes, “Oh no, Kryptonite!” and slowly lowers them back to the ground.) A good time was had by all, though they didn’t quite understand that while they each got a break from being Superman or Supergirl, Uncle Michael didn’t….so why was he tired?
  • Sunday night, I’m making them dinner and watching some movie about Barbie and a magical Pegasus. (So, are they old enough to watch Dr Who yet, I keep asking myself. Cause it’s soooooo much better than Barbie….) Anyway, as that movie was mercifully ending (I’ve seen it a couple of times now), I stuck a copy of Shrek in the DVD player. If you’ve got Shrek on DVD (and if you have kids, you know you do), you may recall the menu screen features Donkey jumping up and down yelling “Ohhh…ohh…pick me, pick me!” Well, Uncle Michael was trying to bribe them into eating the last bit of dinner as Shrek came on and so the menu screen played over and over for a while. And wouldn’t you know it, the kids picked up on the jumping up and down saying, “Pick me, pick me!” and started to mimic it…which was fine until we started jumping on the couch doing it . Then, later in Shrek, Gracelyn asked me if Shrek was being nice and I said, “Not yet, he’s mocking Donkey.” Gracelyn looked puzzled at me and said, “What does mock mean?” I told her it meant making fun of someone and it wasn’t usually nice. She seemed to find this answer accpetable and sat back to watch more of the movie. Until about ten minutes later, when I was scooping out some ice cream (hey, I’m Uncle Michael here…) and Gracelyn comes into the kitchen and goes, “Mock my please.” Davis hears it, runs in and goes, “Me too.”
  • Oh and I was the hero of the hour when I told Gracelyn that not only was there another Shrek movie, but Uncle Michael owned it. (Actually, the Shrek she has is mine that she borrowed about two years ago…) And that he’d let her watch it..and that a third one was coming next summer and maybe Uncle Michael would take her to see in the big theater.

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