>How to waste time on a Sunday afternoon.

>Late yesterday afternoon, I was doing some things around the house, trying to avoid going to the grocery store (I disguised my avoidance as making a list of the things I needed and justifying it to myself as–no, really, you’ll save money by not buying a bunch of crap you just don’t need). So, in order to help waste some time and create some background noise in the house, I turned in the TV and started flipping around.

Now, I’ll admit something–I’m not a huge golf fan. For me, it’s like racing in that I can usually see the edited highlights on SportsCenter and that’s enough. I don’t need to see every last second of the tournament. Part of this may be that in a former life, I delivered live golf scores for a living and, well, I got really burned out on golf (there is a ton of it…they take off less time between seasons than the NBA).

So, how I got sucked into watching and caring about the the final round of the Jamie Farr classic I don’t know.

Oh, OK, I do, but I just don’t want to admit it. Two words: Natalie Gulbis.

See, not only is she cute but yesterday she was wearing that little orange number you see above. I sort of starting rooting for her during the live golf score delivery days because she was someone I recognized in the myriad of names on the LPGA tour and, well, because she’s cute. (I’m a guy…what can I say?)

So, as I flip past ESPN2 yesterday, I see she’s leading the tournament. Good for her, I think and keep on flipping. She is on the final three holes and I decide to tune back in a few minutes to see if she’s won the whole thing (it’d be her first win on the tour…I know this because the announcers reminded us every 20 or so seconds). Anyway, I flipped back to see that she was now tied for the lead and they went to a sudden death playoff.

Now, it suddenly because kind of interesting. God help me, I just said televised golf suddenly became kind of interesting. (On a side note, I really need to look into getting a life). And I’ll admit, I did watch the rest of the sudden death with interest. I flipped back and forth between it and some other things on the tube (I mean, the thing with a playoff in golf is there’s a lot of dead time between action…we hit the ball, we watch it fall, now we have to wait for the golfers to get up the ball, select a club, analyze the conditions of the ball, yada, yada, yada. So, I’d keep flipping back to see-are they hitting the ball yet? and generally see them making their shots.

Then, on the third hole, Natalie lost when she missed a putt. Poor kid.

And I felt like–man, I’ve just wasted a good bit of my life here watching this. But then I remembered Natalie in the orange outfit and it suddenly didn’t seem like as much of a waste of time….


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