>Football thoughts

>Over the weekend, I got to see my two favorite NFL teams in action for the wonder that is the pre-season.

I have to admit I was pretty stoked about my beloved Redskins’ chances after making the run they did to end the season last year. But from what I saw last night during the NBC game (NBC stands for Nothing But Carson (Palmer)….seriously, the guy was injured and I’m excited for the Cincy fans that he might be back for the first game but how many reports on his eating Wheaties for breakfast and then pushing back from the table and his knee feeling JUST FINE did we need?!?), the first-string defense was looking pretty incredible while the offense was going no where fast. Seriously, we cannot lose to the Cowboys in the second week of the sesaon on Monday Night Football. I despise the Cowboys and wish vile, plagues like were visited upon Egypt when Moses was there visiting upon them. Sort of the same way I feel about the Ravens. (And you wonder why I wept when McNair went there..)

On the local front, the Titans played the first pre-season game of the year Saturday night. I tuned in and heaven help me, I was a bit excited about it. Why? Because we got to see Vince Young play for the first time in a Titans uniform. Here he was, the wave of the future, the guide back to the promised land and a whole lot of other sports cliches that I won’t use here. He came in to a standing ovation and looked brilliant at times and looked like a rookie at times. He was playing against the second string of New Orleans (which is a bad team going now where except maybe San Antonio fast) so it’s hard to get a good feeling of his progress. I will say this–every time he took off and ran with the ball, you could hear the entire collective breath of the crowd at LP Field being held. I loved how every time Vince scrambled, the coverage on WKRN would cut to a shot of Floyd Reese (Titans general manager) in the booth, trying not to look worried or concerned that Vince would injure himself on a play in a meaningless pre-season game.

Poor Floyd–the look of barely contained horror on his face in the 4th when Vince sprained his ankle. I don’t think we got any shots of Jeff Fischer at this point, but that is probably because he was saying things like “Rats, this could be unfortunate.” that could easily be lip-read and we don’t want to show that on live TV since the FCC would be shutting down WKRN for such filthy, vile language being allowed to be mouthed on live televison.

So, my two teams both lost their opening games of the pre-season. Rats.

On a positive note, the new Titans cheerleader outfits (which bless you WKRN for giving us an extended segment of coverage on that!) are HOT.


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