>The more things change…

>I’ve read Garfield on an off over the years. It’s not my favorite comic strip in the world, but it can be counted for a few good chuckles as Garfield consumes mass quantities of lasagna or abuses Odie in some way.

In the modern world, the non-changing nature of Garfield can be kind of comforting. Knowing that I can pick up the paper and read a Garfield cartoon from today or 20 years ago and it will, for the most part, be pretty much the same. (Well, apart from that bizarre week of strips that has lead many on the Internet to question if Garfield is dead)

Now, one of the basic assumptions on which much hilarity has commenced is the general ineptness of Garfield’s owner Jon Arbuckle when it comes to getting a date. Specifically his securing a date with the object of his affection, Liz the vet.

For 20 plus years, Jon has carried the torch for Liz and she’s spurned his advances at every opportunity. And all was right with the comic strip world…

Until the last few weeks…..

I’ve noticed a dramatic change in Garfield these past few weeks. I may have missed a few strips but somehow Jon went out with another woman and that made Liz jealous so she went out with another guy. In typical wacky sitcom fashion, Jon and Liz ended up together at the end and their dates ended up together….

Now, as a reader of Garfield, I fully expected Jon to wake up or some such other splash of cold water to his face to make him come back to the reality…

But, so far nothing, as evidenced by these strips from last week…

So wait…what?!? John and Liz are now an item?!?

I guess part of this could come from the horrible Garfield movies in which Jon does win the girl in the end and trying to tie together the continuity of the two universes.

But it still feels so wrong. My fragile world-view is shattering and crumbling aroudn me and it’s all Garfield‘s fault….


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