>Another reason to be glad we didn’t get Reggie.

>There was a lot of debate during the off-season about the NFL Draft, especially around the Titans’ camp where every twenty seconds, someone called into the sports call in shows, wondering who we should take and why.

One of those discussions centered around this spectacular “what if” category. “What if Reggie Bush fell to the third pick in the draft? Should the Titans take him?”

In my mind, this “what if” was along the same dream of wishful thinking I utilize when I contemplate dating Sarah Michelle Gellar.

But, anyway…

Draft day came and Reggie went to the Saints. Which I’m happy for the fans in New Orleans becuase they needed something to get hopeful about for the future of the Saints.

But I was also glad the Titans didn’t get Reggie. We had a locker room disruption last year with Pacman, who thankfully seems to have grown up a lot in the off-season and is beginning to live up to his potential on the field. (Dear heavens, did I just say something nice about Pacman Jones?!? That surely must be one of the signs that armageddon is right around the corner.).

And I can see Reggie being an issue as he adjusts to the NFL. Case in point: his wearing the wrong shoes. Seems Reggie wore Adidas shoes in Saturday’s pre-season snooze-fest against the Titans and the NFL took issue with that, fining him $10,000.

Now to Reggie, a $10,000 is like fining mere mortals like you or I $100. It’s painful but not a hardship.

Reggie’s response though: “Adidas took care of it.”

And while many of us figured that would be the case, it’s one thing for us to think it and another to come out and confirm it. Now the word on the street is Reggie could face a suspension becuase of these comments.

Now, don’t get me wrong here–I could care less about the whole shoe thing. What this really speaks to me about is the character of Reggie. He’s gone from being the big man on campus at USC to being just another rookie in the NFL. His attitude that the rules don’t apply to him becuase he’s Reggie Bush won’t cut it in the NFL. He may be a great talent, but until he realizes that he’s just a big fish in a bigger pond and the rules do apply to him, he’ll be a problem for the Saints. Suck it up and wear the correct shoes, man.

Or if you’re going to get fined, let your sponsor pay it and shut the heck up about it.

New Orleans–you can have Reggie. I’m glad the Titans got Vince Young because from everything I’ve seen and heard, he’s a great talent without the colossal “the world owes me” ego that some other players seem to have.


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