>Happiness Challenge

>I’m a big Star Trek fan.

I’ve been a Trek fan for so long now I can recall a time when there were only the classic 79 to watch. Ah, you young whipper snappers of today with 400 plus epiosdes over five series.

One of the things about classic Trek is that it is edited for syndication. I found this out years ago when I rented a commercial release of an episode and saw new footage. I still remember the feelig of joy I got when I saw that extra 30 seconds of material I’d never seen before.

It was that day I determined I wanted all of classic Trek commerically released.

I never got there with VHS. Being in high school and college at the time when classic Trek was being released on VHS unedited, I couldn’t afford $15.00 an episode. So, I rented a lot and copied them and bought a few favorites.

Then along came DVD.

And one of the first shows released was Star Trek. They were coming out at a rate of a few DVDs every few months. I got in on DVD early and started collecting. And then, one day, I had the whole set–two episodes per DVD, no extras.

Then they started to put Next Gen out on DVD. I wanted it all but somehow couldn’t justify the expenditure of $125.00 per season set at the time. So, I waited and wanted.

Then DS9 came out. Again, wanted it but couldn’t afford it.

Over the years, I managed to get a few sets here or there off E-bay or used for a decent price. I actually did the insane thing of buying season three of TNG new and not on a huge discount since it is my favorite TNG season.

Now I decided long ago that what I really wanted was a full set of TOS, TNG and DS9 on DVD. I don’t like Voyager enough to get the full set and Enterprise I liked but I really only want seasons three and four. But if I could get the full run of TOS, TNG and DS9 I would be happy.

Well, thankfully, Parmount has lowered the prices on the box sets. And that means it’s made it more affordable to achieve this dream of mine. (Sure it’s not world peace, but it’s mine). This had made the prices drop on E-bay and for used sets..which is a good thing. Slowly, I worked closer to my goal.

Last week, my goal was completed. The price of the only set I didn’t have yet (DS9 season six) dropped and I added it to my collection. It came home last Friday and I proudly put it in between seasons five and seven. I then stood back and looked at the collection and got kind of misty at having them all together at last.

Sure it’s an insane, obsessive fan thing, but it makes me happy.


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