>Things I’ve learned watching college football this weekend


  • Just like G4’s Trek 2.0, ESPN’s full coverage of tonight’s Miami vs Florida State game on ESPN2 with eight feeds coming onto the screen is just plain distracting. I had hoped it might be some different angles so you could watch receivers and coverages downfield as you watched the QB and the rush…but, so far I’m not that impressed by it. I mean, do we really need a camera focused on Bobby Bowden all the time?
  • Scheduling UAB for your opening game of the year does not mean you’ll have an easy win, esp. if you are considered a front-runner for the national title in the pre-season. Last year, they gave the Vols all they wanted and then this year, they came close against Oklahoma. I think they lost both games by seven-points….
  • Notre Dame is overrated. I wish they’d lost just so we could stop hearing about them.
  • ESPN is desparate for Texas to jump Notre Dame in the second polls. They desparately want Saturday night’s game of Ohio State vs Texas to be one vs two.
  • The Pac 10 is overrated. (I knew that before we started the weekend, but it was only confirmed).
  • The best football in the country is in the SEC. No other conference has the passion, the rivallries, the fans or the tradition. (And don’t even bother trying to argue with me…you know I’m right.)
  • I underestimated Vanderbilt in their trip to Michigan. I expected them to get blown out, but was pleasantly surprised when they kept it close for a long time.
  • No matter how many times I see the UT vs Cal game, it just never gets old. I still get excited, tingly and teary-eyed with joy as the Vols run up a 35-0 lead. I wish that we’d not pulled off the throttle though and let Cal score. A shutout would have been perfect.
  • Tennessee made a major statement Saturday night. First step back toward telling the college football world that we are back. We can continue to make our case this week as we face Air Force and then comes the evil empire of Florida.
  • I love college football.

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