>UT 31, Air Force 30

>Thanks to a buddy at church, I was able to take in the UT vs Air Force game yesterday.

It was a good game. And what you have to remember here is that in my world a good game means any one where UT wins. It did look kind of dicey there for a while, esp. in the later stages of the second half. I can’t believe we had to stop Air Force on a two-point conversion and then recover the on-side kick in order to win the game. But a win is a win is a win, I say.

And I doubt we’ll face an option attack like Air Force employed from any other team this year.

Now, I can turn my attention and hatred to the most hated of all rivals for UT (well, outside of Bama and Georgia), the University of Florida. I am hopeful that the way the defense played this week will be a motivating factor for the Vols as we prepared to welcome the Gators to Knoxville this week. Hopefully Neyland Stadium will be rocking and the team that played Cal last week will show up and just throttle Florida. And if we get up 35-0, that Phil just keeps the pedal to the metal and hammer them and hammer them hard.

Above is a picture of me and Barry from Inn of the Last Home in our seats at Neyland Stadium. It’s been a while since we took in a UT game together. We took in a Titans pre-season game last year, but it was no where near as entertaining as this game. Plus we were two rows up from the dance team and cheerleaders. So there was that visual distraction for me in between plays. Barry claims one of the cheerleaders was checking me out…though I’m didn’t see it.

Driving over from Nashville yesterday, it was great to see all the cars on the road with UT swag. And then to be on campus for game day was just so much fun. Walking around, taking in the sights and sounds.

About the only negative of the experience was being right behind this couple who definitely needed to consider leaving the game and getting their own room. Now, I’ve been to games with dates before and while I can see kissing for a touchdown or a big play, I’m not sure kissing every time the refs set the ball is entirely needed. And that was really the more PG parts of these two who were massaging each other, grinding up against each other, etc. I was really hopeful when the Vols were driving for a late touchdown with Ainge was intercepted that we’d score so these two could go find a room in which to…er…score.

But anyway, great game and now it’s time to think about the evil empire from Gainesville.


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