>Just talk about the game already!

>Tom Cruise is in attendance at tonight’s Washington vs Minnesota game, currently showing on ESPN. I know this because ESPN in their typical fashion had to devote time to discussing this with Jamie Foxx in the booth.

They did this while the Redskins were doing simple things like driving the field and scoring a touchdown. It sort of went like this:

Mike Tirrico: So, Jamie, you starred with Tom Cruise in a movie once. What’s he like?

Jamie: Oh, Tom is…

Tirrico: Sorry to interrupt. It appears Clinton Portis has a touchdown. Now back to discussing Tom Cruise.

Dear heavens, must Tom Cruise be everywhere these days? Can’t I tune into an NFL football game and not hear about Mr. Scientology?!? Could we maybe discuss the game that is unfolding on our screens instead of Tom and Katie?!?



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