>TV Round-Up: HD Star Trek

>This weekend, we were treated to not one but two examples of the digitally enhanced Star Trek. In Nashville, we got “Miri” and “Balance of Terror.”

After spending weeks ranting about how the effects should not be changed, I did sit down to watch with an open mind.

And, I’ve got to admit the digital make-over is hit or miss. The hits are that the colors look great and this may be the best the original series has ever looked. And while there are some things I did find pleasing effects wise–the Earth-like planet in “Miri” being one of them, overall I didn’t see the upgrades as really all that huge an upgrade. For one thing, the Enterprise still feels like it has a complete lack of weight and realism to it that was there from the model shots. Also, there are times when the shadows hide too much of the ship, frustrating me because the ship itself is one of my favorite ships in science-fiction.

Also, they’ve updated the opening theme music. It’s been redone and I don’t know–it just lack the power and presence the original theme music had. It doesn’t feel as dramatic and sweeping.

That said, the part that is good is the stories are in tact. And let’s face it–what makes Star Trek so iconic are the superb stories. Even a weaker installment like “Miri” has some good things to recommend about it and you can’t go wrong with “Balance of Terror” an episode that is just outside my top ten from a few weeks ago.

So far, the HD Star Trek gets my reluctant seal of approval and I will keep watching. Because, well, it’s Star Trek.


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