>The new William Shatner penned Star Trek novel is out and the Rutherford County library has a copy. I eagerly put my name on the list to reserve it and have been patiently waiting.

I did know from my on-line account that my name is second on the list so I figured I had about a month or so wait.

It’s been more than that.

I checked my account the other day to renew some things on-line and looked at my status for that book….and I’m still number two. What in the wide, wide world of sports? I thought to myself and so I looked up the book in the system to see the due date.

Great..it’s reported as being “Material has been checked/charged out” which I think is he library’s secret code for–someone checked it out and has never returned it.

Man, that sucks. And it was a new book so I bet it was one of the first people who checked it out who lost or ruined it. And they only got one copy so I won’t get to read it now.

And that really annoys me. I hate people who abuse the library system by checking stuff out and never returning. Man, I hope there’s a special section of hell for them…


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