>ESPN’s coverage of the Vols

>As I was watching the UT demolition of Memphis today, I have to admit the coverage by ESPN was beyond annoying. You could tell ESPN was kind of hoping for an upset by the Tigers since once it became obvious Memphis had no chance, the announcers started blathering about anything but the game. Here’s the thing ESPN–I tuned in to see the Vols play not to hear your announcers bullshit about Michigan State. If I cared about Michigan State beyond the updates you kept giving us, then I’d watch their game.

It got so bad that at one point the announcing team of Sean McDunnough and some other guy had to talk to Mark “I love USC” May and Lou “I coached Methusaluah” Holtz in the studio.

Puh-leze! I can understand when you run out of commericals doing this, but when you ignore the GAME UNFOLDING ON THE FIELD to talk about other teams from the inferior Big Ten conference while covering a team from the BEST league in the nation, it just really annoys me. I hate the arrogance of ESPN thinking they have to set the sports agenda…


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