>Football thoughts


  • Apparently the way to get the Titans to show up for a game is to have them be 21 plus point underdogs. It seemed to have worked this afternoon. I have to admit this loss was a bit easier to take than the trouncing we received last week from Dallas and a few weeks ago in San Diego.
  • So, my day of getting to see both my teams play at the same time was a bit of a dud…both the Titans and Redskins lost. Oh well. Good news is I get to see them both play again next week. Bad news is they play each other. Before you ask–I am pulling for the Redskins.
  • In case you’ve been living in a cave, T.O. went back to Philly this afternoon. Game wise, the big game has lived up to the hype. Hype-wise, it’s not. I swear FOX can’t go two seconds without showing us T.O. or mentioning T.O. or throwing in that, oh by the way, T.O. is back in Philly. Honestly…does anyone care? I mean, besides T.O.?
  • So, watching the UT vs Georgia game last night, I was hating the ESPN coverage. Did we really need the baby pictures of Joe Terrashinski? First of all, it borders on child abuse to bring up a child to pull for the University of Georgia, much less make them play there. I could have handled one or two shots, but when we kept going back to it again and again I was ready to throw up. Of course, I shouldn’t be shocked since we had Todd “I hate all things UT” Blackledge calling the game. Oh well, I suppose I can take my comfort and satisfaction in knowing that the whole UGA team was crying like babies after being humilated by the mighty Vols on national TV.
  • Speaking of ESPN and their bias–being too wound up to go to bed after the destruction of UGA, I watched some highlights. And dear heavens, could Corso and Herbstreit pander any more to the Gainsville audience anymore? “Oh Florida is number two…we love them…” Yeah, whatever. If you guys were in studio, you’d be along with Mark May in wanting to kiss up to USC. Please, for the love of Pete, will someone go and beat USC. I know they play in a crappy, inferior conference, but I am sick to death of hearing about it. Vandy could run through the Pac 10 undefeated….

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