>The whole Sara Evans thing

>Once again, Nashville proves itself to be the world’s largest small town with the whole hub-bub surrounding the Sara Evans separation and filing for divorce.

I’ve got to ask my readers outside of the middle Tennessee area–is this story getting nearly as much play and hype up there as it’s getting here? Because it seems to me that the news seems to be leading this way. “Today North Korea continued to move toward a second test of nuclear weapons but first up, the latest sordid details about Sara Evans’ divorce.”

Of course, part of me wants to ask that we all give Ms. Evans her privacy in this matter…until it dawns on me that she’s really gone and courted the publicity and scrutiny. In a way, it’s almost like she wanted to file first or be the wronged party so we’d all feel sorry for her and take her side in things.

I have to keep reminding myself of a couple of things. The first is that there is his side, her side and then somewhere in the middle of those two, the truth of what actually happened and is happening. Also, I have to recall what a lawyer told me during my divorce process–that just becuase one side alledges something happened or is happening doesn’t make it true. It’s just part of the whole game that is divorce. And I have a feeling that is what may be happening here on some level. And with a public figure like Evans, not only will this be tried in a court of law, but it will be tried in the court of public opinion.

I do wonder if we’re watching some kind of implosion here in Evans part. She’s always had that sweet, Southern girl next door kind of charm to her, but I wonder if that was all a facade. I wonder if as these proceedings progress and we hear every last sordid detail of the story played out, if the view of Sara Evans will change.

That said, the parties I feel the most compassion for in all of this are her kids. Divorce is hard enough on the kids as it is without the three-ring circus going on around this one.


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