>Random Sports Thoughts


  • A Vandy fan cornered me in the breakroom at work and asked me what I thought about the Commodores big win over UGA last week. Jokingly, I said something along the lines of I wondered when they’d issue a DVD of the game since they’d issued one within ten minutes of defeating the Vols last year. As I was listening to the radio today, I almost drove off the road laughing when I heard they’d issued a DVD of the win already.
  • As a Tennessee fan, I can’t tell you how huge the difference between Eric Ainge from last year to this year is. Three interceptions in the first half, but when Tennessee needed him most, he stepped up and was one hell of a leader. Even when the refs screwed Tennesee out of a touchdown, Ainge never blinked. I guess being screwed the refs all day he was used to it. Instead, he showed resolve and leadership on third and goal, guiding the Vols to the huge win over the Crimson Tide. I was thinking, had this been last year, Ainge might have imploded at half-time. Instead we saw a leader emerging yet again. He may not be Peyton Manning, but he’s the best leader at QB we’ve had since Tee Martin.
  • Everyone is always saying how baseball is America’s past-time. So, maybe I’m un-American by saying this but I do wonder something. ABC shows college football on Saturday nights, every Saturday except this one. And tomorrow night no Sunday night NFL game. And it just so happens to be the first two games of the World Series. It makes me wonder if baseball begged football to not have any prime time, network games those two nights becuase, quite frankly, it’d get trounced in the ratings. Coincidence or have I discovered a deep, dark secret? And who are these men in dark suits knocking at my door as I post this?

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