>Wacky Wednesday

>I don’t like getting shots. Never have, never will.

I have this tendency to pass out after I get a shot. And the fun part is it can be a delayed reaction as the shock settles in. It’s almost as if my brain says–oh, it’s been ten minutes since the shot..I think we should all shut down now.

And I’ve fainted enough from shots and such that I know the symptoms of it and can, at times, avert it. I’ve also done it enough that I know exactly what it feels like waking up. It is pretty much the same deal every time. My brain will go--hey, we’re asleep. I don’t recall getting ready for bed. In fact, I don’t think we’re in bed. What in the world happened and where am I? I suppose I should wake up now and start figuring this all out….

So, today at work we got flu shots. Which is fine and good. I’ll take a bit of nervousness and worry over getting the flu anyday of the week. But I do love having to explain to co-workers and the nurse giving the shot that I do have needle phobia and the less I know about the fact that I’m getting a shot the better. Also, knowing I’m getting one in advance can help becuase I can pysche myself up for it. I have to admit I was really sort of annoyed last week..see, it was supposed to happen last week and so I’d got myself mentally prepared for the shot and then, the nurse never showed up. It’s funny but I was disappointed to NOT get a shot.

Yes, I’m weird that way.

Of course, earlier today we had drug awareness training. It was no where near the entertainment fest it was last year. People kept coming up with these crazy what if scenarios to see how the alcohol policy would cover it. Things like, “So what if I’m driving to work in my convertible and there’s a tanker truck full of beer that overtunes, making a beer fountain that I drive though. I lick my lips and I get some beer in my system and I come to work smelling of alcohol so I get tested and I’ve got alcohol in my system. Will I get fired?”

Unfortunately from what I can tell is if you meet certain requirements, yes you will be asked to pass go and not collect your $200.

Which it’s a tragedy because how do you put that on your resume?


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