>A win over Dallas is always good

>Thanks to FOX 43’s lack of vision, we didn’t get to see any of the greatest rivallry in the NFL today. Instead we got to the late game of the 49ers getting beat by whoever they play. Instead, I had to make do with updates and the ticker to see how the Redskins were doing against Dallas.

And I was pleasantly surprised to hear the Redskins pulled off a last second field goal to beat the hated Cowboys, 22-19.

That kind of takes the sting a bit out of the Vols losing.

As for the Titans…well, I was hoping they’d win without Punkman to show him he isn’t as all that as he thinks he is. And there were some elements that should have made the game fun to watch, such as the pouring rain during parts of the game. It’s just too bad the Titans didn’t show up–OK, let me rephrase that. The team that played Dallas showed up, not the one that played my Redskins and the Texans last week. That was just painful to watch.


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