>Well, that sucks!

>Well, our defense let me down in the last two minutes and for the first time this year the Vols don’t win in the 4th quarter. Rats!

But for having a freshman QB in, we were respectable. And this game once again shows why the SEC is the BEST conference in the land.

A few things that have bugged me today:

  • Hearing all about Ohio State and Michigan surviving. I am so sick of hearing about this big game in a few weeks between these two teams. Stop building it up as anywhere as good as ANY game in the SEC….because it’s not. Your teams today could barely do anything against teams you SHOULD HAVE EASILY BEAT. You are both overrated. Get over it and move on.
  • Spencer Tillman–what a UT hater this man is. How’d he get this job? Why haven’t they fired him yet? He leads off the half-time whining about how the instant replay doesn’t work becuase it benefited Tennessee. Shut up Spencer.
  • And I’m sorry, but I am sick of teams coming into our stadium and CBS micking up their fans and band so it sounds like there are more of them than there are. Good grief, could you guys be more biased?!?

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