>Well, that was a huge letdown

>What a huge letdown the Titans had this afternoon, squandering a 19-point lead to lose by one point. I watched the second half working out at the Smyrna Y and as Rob Bironas had his field goal blocked, there was a collective gasp of “Oh no!” and “Come on!”

Some of you may see progress in the game. And there was some there in the first twenty or so minutes. But in the last 40, the deficiancies of this team became more apparent than ever. Some heads need to roll over at Baptist Sports park including:

  • Special teams coaches
  • Adam Jones
  • Rob Bironas – buddy, you’re paid a ton of cash to make kicks…try making some!
  • Defensive coordinator, Jim Schwartz
  • Offensive coordinator, Norm Chow

Also, the officiating in this game was beyond horrible. So many times in the second half when the Titans seemed to have made a huge play to get some momentum, the officials screwed us over. That fumble was ours…we get that, we are in close enough to possibly get a field goal. Also, you screwed us on who fumbled the bull on the fake punt. And what in the hell is the point of having replay if you just stick your head in the machine and watch Bugs Bunny cartoons? Cause ain’t no way you’re watching game footage we see at home because if you were, you might, oh I don’t know, overturn a call once every blue freakin’ moon!!!!

One thing it was nice to hear–LP Field sounding like the Coliseum of old when we had the best home field advantage in the NFL.


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