>Sick of the hype

>Based on the way ESPN is covering the Michigan vs Ohio State game this weekend, you’d honestly have to wonder why the rest of the country and world is bothering to hold games since this is the most important game in the recorded history of the universe.

Which don’t get me wrong–one vs two is a big deal and I understand this is a big rivallry thing for both schools.

But is anyone else sick to death of hearing about this game?

As if it hasn’t been hyped enough since early October, now we’ve got ESPN wasting valuable SportsCenter time with fluffy pieces on some Ohio State player who lives in a tent or some such other crap like that. I think they’ve reached the bottom of the barrel, trying to find stories on this game and it’s only Thursday. At this point, I expect a story on the grass growing in the Horseshoe tomorrow as the lead story on SportsCenter.

I’m ready for them to just get this game over with. And honesty, if both teams could somehow lose, that would just make my day.

Also, I hate to inform ESPN and those outside of Ohio and Michigan, but there are a lot of other great games this weekend, some of them big rivallries that are, quite frankly, better than Ohio State vs Michigan.

I’ll take UT vs Alabama any day of the week over any alleged Big Ten match-up. That’s what a real rivallry is all about…

Update: I forgot to post this before. I think the real reason ESPN is hyping this game so much is that they are carrying it on their family of networks on ABC. I bet you anything if this game were on CBS, it would hardly be a blip on the radar….


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