>TV Round-Up: Jericho

Last week, Skeet and Eric went 90 miles to get the drugs that would save Dad’s life. Of course, in doing so, they tipped off a group of post-apocolyptic pirates that Jericho was out there. So, this week, said pirates decide to come rolling into town to collect whatever supplies Jericho has. The pirates are doing this under the auspices of the federal government, but honestly that statement seems a bit fishy to me. It looks more like they’re making the best of a bad situation, being bullies becuase they’ve got the firepower and the trucks.

So when they run into a larger group of bullies, they turn tail and run…but you can bet they’ll be back.

The town’s reaction to the bullies is an interesting one, if a bit short-sighted. I find it difficult to believe that only Mayor Green would go–oh yeah, so if we blow up the bridge and they come in from the other side, we’re kind of screwed. Of course, we have people running about in a panic, desparate to keep out the bad guys and seal off the town. But yet no one thinks twice about the possible long-term ramificatons–not even Hawkins or Skeet. Of course, they’re both too busy having the who has the bigger you-know-what contest in the episode to stop and think twice about it. Also, it seems to me you’re giving the bad guys an idea of how to isolate and take over the town should it come to that. And don’t even get me started on the stupidity of leaving the bridge primed to blow. Hopefully we’ll get some lines of dialogue next week talking about how they un-wired the bridge so that a stray spark doesn’t accidentally blow it up.

Meanwhile, some characters are at a crossroads. Eric finally gets up the nerve to tell April he’s leaving her–just as she’s about to reveal she is pregnant. Ouch, that had to hurt. This earns the wrath of Mom. You know, if I were Eric, I’ d have maybe got with bar-tender lady and made sure that she was going to take him back BEFORE I got thrown out of Mom’s house. That’s all I’m saying. I am sure much angst will result when Eric finds out the big news, which in keeping with the find tradition of Jericho, everyone dances around in front of Eric. At this rate, he may not find out until the baby arrives and even then, I bet they somehow keep it from him.

And in other news, it’s Emily’s wedding day. But her fiancee might be dead. Or he might not. And Emily might be wanting her some sweet, sweet Skeet lovin’. This after giving Heather the big high sign to go after Skeet. I knew this love triangle was coming. I will admit I did like Emily’s fantasy sequences of what could be like and what she hoped her wedding day would be like. It was interesting that Heather serves as the voice that has these doubts and expresses them. It seems like these two have gotten pretty close, which just means the friendship will be shattered beyond belief when Skeet comes between them.

Which brings up the interesting question–how in the hell does mopey, brooding, looking like I haven’t slept in three days Skeet get not one but two hot women after him?


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