>All is once again right with the world.

>The year-long nightmare is over. Once again, order has been restored to the universe and UT beat Vanderbilt in football.

It was nice of the Vols to toy with Vandy like they did–giving them the illusion they could win the game and even allowing them to lead the game for about two minutes. It’s so much crueller to tease an opponent like that.

Of course, the Vols had to overcome the officials (yet again). Can anyone tell me why holding the ball for one second in the end zone works if you’re Florida but the same exact situation occurs for Tennessee and it’s not a two-point conversion?!? Why is it that one ref’s arms can shoot up, indicating it’s good but someone overrules him because….again, trying to understand the logic of this. Maybe these officials should look into being consistent in their calls.

Some random thoughts from the game:

  • It was nice of Vandy’s band to let the Pride of the Southland play first at half-time. But it really made your performance pale by comparison. I understand you don’t have as large a band as we do, but playing an arrangement of Bohemian Rhapsody seems a bit, well, high-school.
  • Vandy’s stadium needs a new video screen and sound system. My TV at home is bigger and I’ve heard better sound on airplane headphones.
  • Vandy’s announcer couldn’t keep up with who had the ball. Of course ,the refs couldn’t figure out who had the ball either. Must have been contagious.
  • Gotta love the Vandy fans who arrive late and leave early. What is the point of paying the higher price tag to get into the game if you’re only going to stay a quarter?
  • I don’t quite get the logic of going for a field-goal when you’re down by 32 as time winds down and it’s fourth and one inside the five. Does it look less embarassing to be demolished by 29? Are we giving the kicker confidence for next year? Were you hoping to go for four on-side kicks in a row to get back in it? If anyone can explain this to me, please let me know. Maybe it was a moral victory…but you know, at that point it was over.

In the end, all that matters is the Vols started a new streak over the Commodores.


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