>I just don’t understand….

>So, Saturday afternoon neither Michigan or Ohio State can play defense and yet the game is referred to as a “classic” but two weeks before Louisville and West Viriginia hook-up in a similiar game and it’s called a less than stellar game and there is strong criticisms about the legitimacy of both teams as BCS bowl teams and national championship contenders.

Anyone else see the hypocracy?

Ohio State was installed as the number one team in the country to start the year and has not done nothing to earn it. They play in a league where there are two good teams and a lot of other just bad teams to beat up on. Your conference can’t even be big time and join the real conferences at the big-boys’ table by having a conference championship game. So, until you get one of those, I have no respect for you in any way, shape or form. Same applies to the Pac-10.

On the other hand, Michigan lost. So, they’re done and should be out of it. All talk of a re-match is crap and shouldn’t happen. No one wants to see a re-match. They had a chance and they blew it. Sorry, too bad, so sad but that’s college football.

Again, were Ohio State or Michigan in the SEC, they’d each have two losses. Top to bottom, the SEC has the best teams and talent in the country. And that is shown week in and week out on the field.

Which is what really matters….


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