>TV Round-Up: Battlestar Galactica

This makes at least twice now in the course of the series that the Cylons have seen fit to target Adama for elimination. They tried to kill him in the end of season one and failed and now they’ve tried yet again and, for the moment, failed. Watching “Hero” I began to wonder juts why the the Cylons fear Adama so much. Do they see him as the real authority and leadership of the Colonies? And do they think removing him from power will somehow make it easier to finish off humanity?

I have to wonder why Adama and compay were so quick to release Bulldog back into the thriving masses of the colonies. It seems like there were a lot of coincidences involved in setting him free and getting him to the fleet. So his only purpose was to somehow find out Adama had betrayed him three years before, shooting down his ship instead of letting the Cylons see him and violate the terms of the peace agreement? So, did the Cylons somehow get information out of Bulldog? Why did they hold him prisoner for so long? Was their plan this far-ranging and thought-out? Did they know they’d need Bulldog again someday and, thus, keep him alive for three plus years in a cell until the time was right? And how exacty did they plan for all of this?

Meanwhile, back in the fleet, we have Adama questioning his role in, perhaps, starting the war. I think if you’re the Cylons, having Adama’s doubt come to the surface is a better way to go about destroying him than killing him. Kill him and you rally the fleet behind a matryr. Destroy his standing and reputation, that he’s worked hard to build over the past 45 years of service and you do more toward demoralizing the fleet. Remember how Starbuck reacted when she found out there was no Earth and had her faith in the Old Man shaken? Now imagine the entire fleet has that same experience and can blame Adama for the war instead of the Cylons. That could be interesting, if the show decides to go there. I’m not necesssarily sure it will.

I found it interesting that Adama would bring in Lee to confess the sins of his past to. This is intereting, esp. given how contemptious the father/son dynamic between these two has been in previous weeks. I guess no longer having Tigh to talk to, Adama has to find someone. And he sure isn’t, at that point, going to confess to Roslin, though he later does. I did like how Tigh realizes that Bulldog escaped too easily and has been sent to find out the truth and take out Adama. Seeing Tigh come to Adama’s defense was one of the better scenes of the episode.

Let’s face it–the second and third acts of this one were riveting, real tour-de-force acting jobs by everyone involved. The first and fourth acts–not as much. It was all about set-up and some pay-off, though once you’ve had Tigh pointing a gun at Bulldog and defending the Old Man, it’s all downhill from there. That said, the new eye-patch for Tigh was awesome.

And over in the Cylon camp, D’Anna is having strange dreams still. She’s also participating in apparent three-somes with Six and Baltar, who is officially classified as the luckiest man in the entire frakkin’ universe. Her dreams are intereting, but also interesting is that she kills herself and experience the life flashing before your eyes moment. To see how far she’ll go to experience this is intriguing and it makes me wonder about the comments made by the Cavill model a few weeks back about the pain of downloading. Is this part of it? A taxing of the resources that make this possible?


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