>Veronica Mars Thoughts

>Once again, Veronica Mars heads into the conclusion to a mystery arc and I have no clue as to why the culprit could be.

I just hope that next week’s big wrap-up episode is better than this week’s.

I felt like I’d fallen into some parallel universe where the showed looked and sounded like Veronica Mars, but yet it just didn’t feel like Veronica Mars. Part of this was Veronica herself, who was acting a bit odd. Her quips were a bit too forced and it was like she was trying too hard to convince everyone of something. I wonder if she’s trying to juggle too many fronts for people–one for Keith about the incident last week, one for the sorority sisters and then one for Logan. OK, maybe not so much one for Logan since even though she says she loves him, her actions aren’t exactly backing that one up. Her constant ignoring of his phone calls is a telling sign. The scene at the end where Logan calls across the cafeteria and see her ignore the call was just a heartbreaker.

But as I said, the episode itself just felt off. I wasn’t really all that invested in the who kidnapped Selma Heart Rose plotline. And it felt as if the the details of the husband sending his young girlfriend to catch the wife in comprimising photos..yeah, that was a bit forced. I should have cared more but the mystery of the week left me kind of cold.

There were isolated scenes I liked. The scene in the cafeteria I referenced above and the whole exchange between Veronica and Dick about the Easter Egg. But the rest of it–not so much. And I’m not sure I buy the revelation that some of the alleged serial rapes are faked. I know there are theories about the rapes being done by a female, but it seemed as if this little plot twist had to work way too hard to get its point across. I was dissapointed at this blind alley we went down and I wonder how it will affect things next week when Veronica solves the big mystery and we spin into the second arc for season three.

Hopefully, it will be better. Hopefully characters will look and sound like they normally do. Hopefully it won’t disappoint me like this episode did.


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