>The goat

>Walking out of LP Field yesterday in the state of euphoria following the Titans big win, a thought struck me. Actually, it had struck me during the game.

I felt a bit sorry for Mathias Kiwanuka, the guy who had Vince Young wrapped up on fourth and ten with the Giants up 21-14 who then let Young go and scramble for the first down that ultimately led to our winning the game. In the same way that Leon Lett is defined by his fumbling the ball in the Thanksgiving day Miami/Dallas game in the snow a few years ago, so will Kiwanuka be defined by his mistake in this game.

Don’t get me wrong here–I’m happy about the result of the play. But I do feel sorry for Kiwunuka because every highlight reel from now to the end of time that shows bonehead plays will include that moment. And since he plays up in New York City, I can only imagine what the outcry will be in the papers and local media.

It’s not that the Giants didn’t have enough other guys implode in the fourth quarter of yesterday’s game (and bless the Titans for taking advantage of it). But there will be one play that defined the Giants huge collapse and Kiwunuka was in on it. Heaven help the poor man.


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