>TV Thoughts: Veronica Mars

>So, the first big mystery of season three is solved. Warning: If you’ve not seen the latest episode of Veronica Mars and don’t know the identity of the Hearst College serial-rapist, I strongly suggest you turn back now. I’m going to give away everything that happens in the episode.

You have been warned.

I think one of the benefits Veronica Mars will have this year is that instead of having one huge episode to end the season, they get, essentially three season finales. “Spit and Eggs” felt a lot like a season finale of Veronica Mars with big things happening and characters and relationships being shaked up in a variety of ways. And while there was a lot going on in this episode, very little of it felt rushed.

First up, I suppose I should address the identities of the serial rapist. A few weeks ago, I had a conversations with a friend where I said, “I think we all missed a huge plot point because it was hidden in plain sight.” I’m referring to the R.A., who two weeks ago we found out had keys to open any door he chose. So, imagine my “I was right, I was right” dance when it turned out to be part of the solution. I knew as soon as we saw the R.A. take Veronica into his room to shelter her from Mercer that something more was up. Also, I looked at the clock and realized that we couldn’t resolve the entire plotline with twenty minutes to go in the episode. Rob Thomas wouldn’t make the solution that easy or that obvious.

As for the resolution to the mystery, I will say I liked it. Even though I called part of it, I didn’t figure out everything in advance, which is good. I love how Rob Thomas threw ours and Veronica’s suspicion off by having Veronica attacked while Mercer was in jail a few weeks ago. One thing I did wonder though–why did Mercer shave the heads of his victims. I was looking for some kind of motivation or reasoning behind this and got none. But we’ve still got plenty of season to maybe explore this.

As for the next big mystery, the murder of Dean O’Dell, it seems fairly straight-forward. But deceptively so. I wasn’t sure what Rob Thomas was doing in having O’Dell reinstate the Greek institutions on campus, but I guess we see now–setting up possible suspects. A whole lot of supsects on that list now, including his wife and Veronica’s professor. And that’s even before the investigation has really kicked off. I am sure there will be a few hundred more blind alleys to explore when the show comes back. I wouldn’t be shocked to see Lamb arrest Weevil somehow for this since Weevil is the one who finds the body. Lamb is just like that.

In fact, Lamb was the only real series regular we didn’t see in this episode. Everyone else is there and interacting.

After last week felt so off, this week just felt like classic Veronica Mars.

But it wasn’t just solving one mystery and starting another. It was about where the characters went. Logan breaks up with Veronica to start things off. That scene was just incredibly well done. And then as Veronica tries desparately to convince everyone she’s OK, only to finally break down when alone in the show. Seriously, someone just give Kirsten Bell an Emmy cause the woman deserves it. Phenomonal, as usual.

Also, as much as I can dislike Logan, there are times you just have to love the guy. It’s obvious that he cares deeply for Veronica. I love how his frustration at not being allowed in, to help her and to share the burden with her led to his smashing the police car and getting thrown in jail with the two rapists. Watching his fist ball up and knowing what is going to happen next (probably off-screen) is pure genius. Add that to Keith kicking in the door on Mercer and the R.A. and begging them to give him a reason to shoot them…great, great stuff.

But then again, what do you expect from a huge episode of Veronica Mars?

All I know is that the wait for new epiosdes suddenly seems a lot longer….


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