>TV Round-Up: Jericho

>Vox Populi
The mid-season finale of Jericho arrives and I’ve got to admit, I sort of thought it’d be more momentous. But just as this show has done since it started it left me with enough questions to keep me tuning in when it returns. The biggest being–what kind of group is Hawkins part of?

And the bigger question–how much longer can they drag this out before giving us any real answers?

I noticed in the beginning of the story, it said it had been eight weeks since the bombs fell. I’m not sure if this messes up the timeline or not, since I don’t think we had an specific date when the attacks occurred. I just figured it was around the first of September based on other clues the show has given, but I’m not going to lose too much sleep over specifics of the interal timeline of this show.

Nor will I lose sleep over the Jake and Emily storyline. Gee, who’d’ve figured that as soon as they both realize they’re still in love, Emily’s fiancee would show up in town? Show of hands on anyone who didn’t see that one coming. Seriously, the only way to make it more melodramatic is to have him lurch into the bar, dirty, torns clothes just as Jake and Emily smooch. And let me ask–where is Heather? She’s been conspiciously absent these past two episodes….why is that?

I did find the storyline of who killed Gracie and how everyone reacts to it interesting. And man the shift of power was pretty quick–what that’d take about a day or so. A day after winning the election, Grey is getting sworn in and ready to take out Jonah vigilante style. I found myself thinking a bit of the storyline of the collaborators on Battlestar Galactica earlier this month when Grey mentioned a tribunal. Only BSG showed the group trying the suspects and dispensing justice. Oh yeah, and it was a whole lot more interesting because the show took more than five minutes to establish the characters. Also, I cared a lot more about Gaeta and his fate than Jonah’s here. Jonah has been little more than a one-note character and why everyone couldn’t see this was one bully trying to bully another is beyond me.

I guess the point is to show how bad going vigilante is. Luckily everyone figures it all out before we kill Jonah. Instead we exile him, which is a nice touch. But did we forget Jonah saved the town’s bacon three episodes ago? Does no one want to take that into account? You’d think Skeet might volunteer that info. Or Eric. Or someone.

And did anyone else think the teenage girl who Dale has a thing for and was in the store might have snuck to the next aisle and overheard the threat? Thus you have two witnesses…but that would be far too easy a way out.

So, where are we left–two really just pedestrian cliffhangers and one good one. Pretty much par for the course for Jericho.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again–this show desparately wants to be like Lost, but it’s just not even in the same ballpark.


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