>Another miracle in the Music City

>Leading up to yesterday’s game, I didn’t believe. I had no faith the Titans could follow the huge victory last week with anything but a letdown this week. Add to it that it was Peyton “I am a god among men” Manning and the Colts in town and I kept thinking, “Well, that was fun while it lasted.”

Come Monday, all the good vibes and positive buzz from the Titans victory last week would be gone. Instead, it’d be the same old story of disappointment, bitterness and wondering “what if”

I guess the Titans missed the memo.

I thought nothing could top last week’s game.

I was wrong.

A sixty-yard field goal to win it. That’s imposible, unheard of, shouldn’t happen. But yet it did.

It was a game that was the exact opposite of last week’s–instead of being dominated for three quarters, the Titans dominated for three quarters.

I wasn’t at the game yesterday. I was at the Y, watching the second half while working out. There was a buzz, an awe, a sense of wonder and enthusiam as the game unfolded. I saw people wander by the TV, from swimming and see the score. Smiles were exchanged. And as the final moments ticked on the clock, there was a huge crowd. As one time out after another was called, there was a hush. I heard someone say, “Come on, just let him kick the blasted thing.”

You could have heard a pin drop as the play unfolded. The kick was up, on the way, sailing toward the end zone. The cynic inside tried to tell me it’d fall short, they’d tease me and not make it. I should just look away and get ready for overtime. But then, the ball kept sailing..it had the distance…it had the speed….and it was GOOD!

Tears welled up in my eyes, my fist pumped the air and I shouted “Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss!” Sweaty people hugged, there were shouts of joy. I had to wipe tears off my face, hoping no one noticed the crazy man, crying over the Titans winning. I doubt anyone noticed because they were all too busy going crazy.

Now, I’ve heard some talk of playoffs, which while it’s great to think about, I am not going to count on it. But what I say to that is–recall the year before we went to the Super Bowl, we went 8-8. And I can see that pattern holding true as we finish this year and head into the next.

I’m calling it now: Redskins vs Titans in the Super Bowl 42!


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